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Other Services/Otros Servicios


Poderes/Power of Attorney


Cerficacion Acta de Nacimiento

Certicado de Defunsion

Certificacion de Vida

Testamento/ Will

Permission to travel with a minor

Carta de Ruta

Nacionalidad Por Matrimonios

Cuidadania Dominicana por Matrimonio

Llevar una Mascota

Wedding Document

Wedding Requirement (divorce)

Translation and Certification of Marriage









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Apostille Seal from the Secretary of State of Illinois: $100.00 Apostille Seal from other State: $125.00

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Carta de invitacion para EE.UU

Requirement: You need a notarize letter stating that you are sponsoring the person, the reason for the visit, specify that they  are financially responsible during their state here. To,   Consulate General of the United States of America Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sub: Issuance of visitor’s visa to my parents Dear Sir/Madam, I, __________, I …

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Legalizaciones y Certificaciones

Legalizaciones Certicación de Vida Certificacion de Defunción/Death Certificate Testamento/Will    

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Llevar una Mascota a Rep. Dom.

Requirements: Vaccination record up to date. Birth Certificate for the animal. Authorization of the the owner. Money order, cashier check, or company check made to Dominican Consulate for: $100.00

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Poderes/Power of Attorney

Requirements: Notarize Letter; stating what is the purpose of the power of attorney. Copy of the of a valid passport or state ID, of both parties. Money order, company check, or cashier check ONLY made to: Dominican Consulate for; $100 ($25 for every additional person giving the power of attorney) NOTE: PLESE MAKE SURE TO …

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Nacionalidad Dominicana

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Carta de Ruta

Una carta de ruta es necesaria cuando su pasaporte este vencido y necesita viajar a la Republica Dominicana: Requisitos: Copia del pasaporte, o cedula, o acta de nacimiento.  

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Authorization to travel for a minor

CONSULAR AUTHORIZATION The Dominican Republic Immigration Laws only require this if: The child will be traveling alone or with a flight attendant. If the child enters and exits D.R. with two (2) different adults. REQUIREMENTS One (1)  photograph: size 2×2 Written authorization of parent(s) of the child to travel to the Dominican Republic with the …

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Marriage Requirements for the Dominican Republic

Marriage Requirements for the Dominican Republic Birth Certificates (originals to be sent to the Consulate) Single Status Affidavits (IN ENGLISH), duly signed and Notarized by a Notary Public. (Originals to be sent to the Consulate) If divorced, copy of Divorce Decree OR original Divorce Certificate– either of them will be sufficient. If widowed, copy of …

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