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Business Visa/Working Visa

The SIMPLE Business Visa allows ONE entry into the Dominican Republic, and it is granted for two (02) months, starting from the date that it was stamped on the applicant’s passport.

The MULTIPLE Business Visa allows MULTIPLE entries into the Dominican Republic, and it is granted for one (1) year, starting from the date that it was stamped on the applicant’s passport.

  • Application fees: Simple Business Visa $120, Multiples Business Visa $150 (money order or cashier check ONLY)
  • Application Letter: Addressed to the Consul General and signed by the applicant. On this letter the applicant must specify the following information: The kind of visa he/she is applying for, his/hers name, citizenship, Passport number, home address, occupation, and the reason why he/she is applying for the visa. FOR MULTIPLE BUSINESS VISA
  • ONLY: The applicant must also give a valid reason why he/she needs to enter the country numerous times.
  • Company Letter: Certifying the applicant’s employee status; this letter should also specify the applicant’s position in the company, as well as the job that the applicant will be doing in the Dominican Republic. It should be printed on one of the Company’s letterheads and should also have the Company’s seal.
  • FOR MULTIPLE BUSINESS VISA ONLY: This letter should indicate the reason why the Company needs for the applicant to enter and leave the country in different occasions.
  • Two (2) photographs: Size 2 x 2
  • Photocopies: of the main pages of the applicant’s passport/travel document.
  • Original Passport/Travel Document: It should be valid for at least a year.
  • FOR MULTIPLE BUSINESS VISA ONLY: A letter from at least One of the Companies in the Dominican Republic with which the applicant will be visiting or working with, or with whom the applicant’s employer has business relations with. In this letter, the Company in the Dominican Republic must explain why the applicant has to travel numerous times to and from the Dominican Republic and therefore needs a Multiple Business Visa.

NOTE: Most visas usually require 7-10 Business days (that does not include weekends and holidays) to be processed completely; starting from the date applicant’s request is received by the Consulate. Some visas may require more time.

Check List:

  • Application Form
  • Company Letter
  • Photos
  • Photocopies of the passport
  • Original passport should be valid


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