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Resident Visa

Application Letter: Addressed to the Consulate General and signed by the applicant. It should contain the following information: name, citizenship, place of residence, telephone number, address, and profession of the applicant. It should state as well the reason that makes the applicant wish to reside in the Dominican Republic, as for example:

  • The applicant is married to a Dominican citizen or a legal permanent resident  in the Dominican Republic.
  • The applicant is a son/daughter of a Dominican citizen.
  • The applicant is retired or receives a pension.
  • The applicant is an investor.


  1. Formulario
    Two (2) photographs
    : 2×2
  2. Original Passport: It should be valid for the complete time period for which the visa is being requested, (that is one year).
  3. Health Certificate: It should state the general health condition of the applicant, and indicate whether the applicant suffers from a contagious disease. It should be signed by a certified physician. The following laboratory tests are compulsory: AIDS and Drug test, and the corresponding laboratory results should be attached to the health certificate.
  4. No-criminal record certificate: It should be issued by the Police in the county in which the applicant resides, and will only be valid for thirty (30) days, starting form the date that it was issued. If the applicant is under the age of 18 this is not required.
  5. Original Copy of the Birth Certificate:
  6. Marriage certificate (whenever applies): The marriage certificates issued in the Dominican Republic must be legalized by the Junta Central Electoral of the Dominican Republic. The marriage certificate should have attached six (6) photocopies of the Dominican identity Card (Cedula de Identidad y Electoral) of the Dominican spouse, if it should be the case. If the spouse is a legal resident in the United States, six (6) copies of his/hers Residence Card must be attached.
  7. Six (6) copies of the Dominican Identity Card (Cédula de Identidad y Electoral) of the Dominican parent: If the applicant is a son/daughter of a Dominican Citizen.
  8. Six (6) copies of mother/father’s Residence Card: In case the applicant is a son/daughter of a legal resident.
  9. Warranty Letter: It should be signed by a Dominican citizen, or a foreign citizen residing legally in the country; it should specify his/hers relationship to the applicant. The warrantor must commit his/hers defray any expenses that the Dominican authorities must spend on the applicant, should the case arise during his/her stay in the Dominican Republic. Also, the warrantor must commit him/herself to defray the deportation expenses, in case that the applicant breaks the laws of the Dominican Republic. This document should be made before a Notary Public and should be legalized afterwards by the Procuraduría General of the Dominican Republic.
  10. Documents that certify the economic solvency of the applicant: The solvency must consist of investments made in or resources that stem from the Dominican Republic under the name of the applicant, not the warrantor. These documents may include, (depending on the individual case):
  • Bank statements: Indicating the type of account, date of opening and a recent balance.
  • Copies of title deeds of real estate properties: The originals should be shown at the moment the applicant submits the copies.
  • Registry of established companies: Legally registered at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Secretaría de Estado de Industria y Comercio). Also, copies of the company’s articles (the originals should be shown at the moment the applicant submits the copies).
  • Copies of the latest income tax return made to the Dirreción General de Impuestos Internos, and copies of the Registro Nacional de Contribuyente (Tax-Payer-National-Registry Card).
  • Copies of bank financial certificates: The originals should be shown at the moment the applicant submits the copies.
  • Documents of Retirement and/or Pension in the country of origin.
  • Company Letter Certifying that the applicant works for it. The letter should be signed by the Human Resources Manager, or someone in a higher position in the company, and specify the applicant’s position in the company as well as his/hers salary and the time he/she has been working for the company.
  • Certificate issued by the Dirección General de Migración (Government Department of Immigration): It should indicate the latest entry of the applicant into the Dominican Republic or six (6) copies of both sides of the Tourist Card used in his/hers latest entry to the country.


  • The length of the Residence Visa is one year. It may be renewed if desired.
  • All the documents issued outside the Dominican Republic must be legalized by the corresponding Consulate General.
  • The original copy of each document should be submitted along with 3 copies.
  • ALL the documents written in a language other than Spanish must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator.
  • Once the Residence Visa is granted to the applicant, his/hers file is sent to the Dirección General de Migración. (Government Department of Immigration in order for the corresponding Temporary Residence Permit to be processed. When the applicant travels to the Dominican Republic with his/her visa on his/her passport, he/she must go to the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cancillería) of the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo, to receive the resident’s number that has been assigned to him/her.


The Fee for the Residence Visa is $150.00, in a form of money order, cashiers check, and or company check. NO personal checks, cash, or credit cards accepted. Please make it payable to The Dominican Consulate.

* Legalization fee $90.00 per document

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