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Student Visa

  • Application Form: Addressed to the Consul General and signed by the applicant. It should contain the following information: name, citizenship, place of residence, and phone number of applicant.
  • Two (2) photographs: 2×2
  • Photocopies of the first three pages of the passport or travel document. If there is an American Visa on the passport please send a copy of that as well.
  • Original Passport: It should be valid for the complete time period for which the visa is being requested.
  • Certificate of the University or School that the applicant will attend in the Dominican Republic: It should confirm that the applicant has been formally accepted, the studies and degree pursued by the applicant, and the time period those studies (or courses) will take.
  • Financial Certification Letter:  It should be addressed to the Consulate General, signed by the parent or individual that will defray the expenses of the applicant while living in the Dominican Republic. It must state the economic solvency of the warrantor, and be legalized by a notary pubic. The following documents of the warrantor should be submitted: bank statement specifying the type of account and recent balance, work certificate, and any other proof of solvency such as real estate properties, etc…
  • Scholarship Certification: In case that applicant’s expenses in the Dominican Republic are to be covered by the institution in the country’s origin, these documents should specify the total amount of financial support, as well as the time period for which it has been granted. It must be written on a sheet of paper with the letterhead of the institution and be stamped with its seal.
  • Health Certificate: It should state the general health condition of the applicant, and indicate whether the applicant suffers from a contagious disease. It should be signed by a certified physician. The following laboratory tests are compulsory AIDS and Drug Test.
  • No- criminal Record Certification: This document is to be issued by the Police Department in the country where the applicant resides. It should be a brief text in which the Police certify that they Do Not have any criminal record in their files under the applicant’s name. It will only be valid for thirty (30) days, starting from the date that it was issued.
  • Pre-paid self addressed envelope– So your passport can be sent back to you once the visa had been approved and stamped. FedEx and DHL ONLY

NOTE: The original copy of each document should be submitted along with a photocopy.

Check List:

• Aplication Letter
• Aplication form
• Photos
• Photocoies of the passaports
• Original Passaport
• Certificate of the University
• Fanancial certificate
• Sccholarship Certificate
• Health Certificate
• No-criminal record
• Pre-pay envelope
• Money order

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