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Tourist Visas

Requirements to apply for a SIMPLE OR MULTIPLE TOURIST VISA
To the Dominican Republic:

This is a service that we provide over the mail. It is not necessary for you to come all the way to the Consulate Office. Once we receive your documents, it usually takes 7-10 business days minimum for your visa to be approved and stamped on your Passport. This visa will allow you to stay in the Dominican Republic for 60 days. Please mail to the above address the following:

1. Letter addressed to the Consul General: It should specify the name, citizenship, address, telephone number and profession of the Applicant.
2. Application Form fully filled out and signed (click on the blue letter to filled up form)
3. One (01) photograph size 2×2.
4. Photocopies of the FISRT 3 PAGES of the Passport /Travel Document and of the American Visa whenever this applies. THE APPLICANT MUST HAVE A LEGAL STATUS IN THE U.S.A.
5. Original Valid Passport.
6. Copy of the round trip reservation or purchase and/or the travel schedule issued by the Travel Agency.
7. Copies of the Hotel reservations, whenever applicable.
8. Documents proving financial and professional status (bank statements and a company letter), or student status (certified letter from the school).
9. Money order or Cashier’s Check made payable to the Dominican Consulate in the amount of $105.00 and ($140.00 if a Multiple Tourist Visa) NO CASH, CREDIT CARD OR PERSONAL CHECKS. NO REFUNDS once your file has been processed.
10. A pre-paid self- addressed returning envelope in which your passport will be mailed back to you. Express Mail, Priority Mail, Fed Ex, or UPS only, NO regular mail accepted.

Check List:

• Letter
• Aplication form
• Photo
• Photocopy of the Passaport
• Original passaport
• Copy hotel reservation
• Autorizacion de amision
• Money order
• Pre-pay envelope

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